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 Ways to see David Holt's State of Music 1. Ask the programmer at your local PBS station to carry our show! 82% of PBS affiliates nationwide aired Season 1. 2. Watch entire episodes at You must be a PBS Passport member to do this. But you should be, anyway. 3. View free previews of all episodes in the current season at 4. Use the PBS app on iTunes or Amazon. Open the app; go to Search. Type in or dictate “David Holt’s State of Music.” Hit enter. All episodes will appear. 5. Order directly on Apple TV. Go to the first screen that says "TV shows iTunes." Type in or dictate "David Holt’s State of Music." Seasons 1 and 2 will appear on the left. For some strange reason, you will also get a David Hasselhoff Roast and a UFC episode. David Holt is in neither of those. Click on one of the first 2. 6. Order directly using Amazon Fire. At the home screen, there is an icon of a magnifying glass on the left side. Activate that. Type in "David Holt." Press enter. David Holt’s State of Music is the first show that comes up. Click on it. 7. David Holt's State of Music is also available on Hulu through similar navigation. 8. PBS Pressroom has downloadable photos and other content: 9. Go to and buy the DVDs and audio CDs!